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TTC Streetcar - Plexiglass Face Mount

$182.50 CAD

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The iconic TTC Streetcar is no longer in operation but now you can keep the memory alive forever by adding it to your home decor in a high-quality plexiglass face mount.

Ready-To-Hang Plexiglass. An ‘invisible look’ ensures the image takes center-stage, durable materials protect your image from scratches and dirt. Photo prints are face-mounted onto plexiglass, gravity bars included.

Pick your streetcar with a solid red or white background colour or the technical outline option.


  • Highest quality professional photographic printing and mounting
  • Sturdy, durable materials for long-lasting beauty
  • Excellent image quality, with bold colour and the ultimate in clarity
  • A crisp, clean, contemporary look
  • Precision cutting on state-of-the-art CNC machine

** Screws not included

Proudly Canadian Made.
Designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada